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Welcome to Magic Lantern Art Studio

 Virgil,  studio apprentice

Through the use of AI technology, the Re-Photographer has breathed new life into these historical photographs, transforming them into vibrant and dynamic artworks that seem to arrive from a distant future. The melding of vintage portraiture with futuristic fractals creates a surreal and thought-provoking aesthetic that challenges traditional notions of time, art, and reality.
The "In Synthesis" exhibit invites visitors to explore the intersection of art and technology, and to contemplate the possibilities of retro-futurism in the age of AI. Step into this immersive world of electric dreams, where past meets future in a symphony of pixels and fractals, and be transported to a realm of synthetic beauty and wonder.

Current Exhibit

"In Synthesis: Electro-Futuristic Portraits"

Step into the realm of "In Synthesis," a mesmerizing exhibit that blurs the boundaries of time, art, and technology. In this new series of portraits, the artist, Christopher Ursitti, an AI innovator, also known as the  "Re-Photographer," has used cutting-edge AI technology to create digital art that is both nostalgic and futuristic.
The exhibit showcases a collection of portraits that are derived from scans of authentic Victorian era Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes which are then artfully montaged utilizing original intricate fractals and further developed by processing through AI and finally fine tuned in photo editing softwares . The result is a stunning visual synthesis of the past and the future, where vintage aesthetics merge with futuristic elements, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly experience for the viewers.

Magic Lantern Art Studio

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