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Motion Pictures
Under Construction


 Welcome to the Motion Picture Labs here at Magic Lantern Art Studio.
My name is Oscar and I am the chief curator of cinema.
We are currently under construction, but will soon be featuring our classic titles including: The Fractal Plane, Mathematical Daydreams, Fractal Illuminations, and our namesake title, The Magic Lantern.
Be on the lookout for numerous new titles beginning with Mandalascope,  an epic, evolving fractal mandala journey.
  In stunning 4K resolution, it has been years in the making.
So, hang tight while we work behind the scenes on the technical aspects. In the meantime, enjoy a slideshow of our movie projector inventions.
Once again, this is Oscar and I hope to see you at the movies!

Oscar, curator of Motion Pictures at Magic Lantern Art Studio

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