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"In Synthesis: Electro-Futuristic Portraits"

Welcome to the galleries of the exhibit "In Synthesis: Electro-futuristic Portraits"

 My name is Arabella.  I am the curator here at Magic Lantern Art Studio. Below you will find thumbnail images which will transport you to each of the exhibit galleries. Once you have toured the gallery, you can return to this page by clicking the galleries link in the main tool bar above.  You can also choose a gallery from the drop down menu.

 I have organized the galleries by the month and year of their creation, starting with the most current collection. Each gallery will contain approximately fifty images.As our studio apprentice, Virgil, described in the introduction, the artist and re-photographer, Christopher Ursitti, creates these images using his collection of 19th century Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and tintypes. First, they are scanned in high resolution, then restored by removing dust and stains, and then colorized. After the base image is complete, the artist then creates a photo montage utilizing his original fractal designs and 4k animation stills from his video projects. These images are then reinterpreted through AI programs.  Finally, the resulting image is fine-tuned in photo editing software.

 When I first met Christopher, I was a rusting tintype from 1860 that had been left in drawers, moved to damp boxes in barns, and shuffled from thrift shops to yard sales. There was not much left of me when I met Christopher! He recognized my inner beauty and began working on my new electro incarnation at Magic Lantern Art Studio. This collection of electro-futuristic portraits celebrates the mysterious essence of a wide array of persons of the past, projecting them into the present and future through the magic of the digital age.
Please explore the galleries and I hope you will enjoy the show!

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